Dietary Restrictions

Heartfelt Cookies makes all the cookies fresh to order.  This way you are able to customize should you want your choice of cookies made without nuts, Gluten Free or Sugar Free.  All of our cookies that have nuts in them can be excluded to accomdate those with allergies to nuts and still be able to enjoy a homemade cookie just for them.  We also take into account people with Gluten Sensitivities and we offer a wide selection of cookies, for people that were never able to enjoy a fresh, homemade cookie for them before, until now at Heartfelt Cookies.   Our cookie selections also takes into account people that would like a cookie Sugar Free but were never able to have one made.  Our Sugar Free Cookies are made with all natural sugar, so no side affects should be seen with our careful attention to detail.  All of our cookies are made with all natural products and we strive hard to insure that only the freshest and best products are used when making a cookie for you or a gift for a loved one.